The universe of the Fab4 at Romics: the exhibition ‘’The Beatles Comics’’ and all related events


More than fifty years after their historical concert in Italy, The Beatles still remain the greatest music and custom phenomenon in the world of show business. Romics, in collaboration with Solares Fondazione delle Arti, celebrated the anniversary of the publication of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band over 50 years from their first and unique visit in Italy, with the exhibition "The Beatles Comics" which represented a new element to better understand the cultural and custom revolution generated by The Beatles with their music, anticipating in some ways and accompanying for others the epocal changes which were taking place in those years. The exhibition wanted to explore and document the interest of pencillers, publishers and fans in the special relationship between the band of Liverpool and the universe of comics and animated movie, rich of thousands of publications which have arrived until our days. Particularly the bond that the Fab4 have developed with the world of comics and artistic illustration. 

The great exhibition, consisting of original comic book plates, collector’s items and gadgets, memorabilia, posters, stamps and clips all dedicated to the kaleidoscopic universe of The Beatles, has been enriched with an important section curated by Romics which has described how the imaginary of Beatles still continues to inspire  the contemporary graphic artists, inviting comic books writers and illustrators to create original plates.



Among the events celebrated worth mentioning  the meeting held on Saturday 7 October "The Beatles Comics, meeting on the kaleidoscopic universe of The Beatles", the event was attended by Enzo Gentile and Fabio Schiavo, curators of the exhibition  ‘’The Beatles Comics’’,  the authors who contributed with original plates and illustrations was:, Eugenio SicomoroMauro De LucaYoshiko WatanabeLady BeMassimo RotundoLaura Perez VernettiSergio AlgozzinoMidori Yamane and the author of the book  ‘’ Liverpool and The Beatles myth‘’ Beppe Brocchetta.